Thursday, December 20, 2012

Like To Download Movies? What Consequences Illegal Downloading Can Bring You…

If you like to download video and audio files from one of the host of illegal downloading sites, you are certainly not alone. Of course, no one wants to pay for something, if they can get the same quality for free. This said, often quality is subpar; which can also get you in a world of trouble. More than you might think. Just because everyone you know might illegally download movies, doesn’t mean you won’t get caught and it won’t be worth it…

Here’s what you need to know about movie download sites:

Most Movie Download Sites are Not Legal

Though there are a slew of movie download sites that have catchy gimmicks, great graphics, and scores of movies available for download-most all movie download or movie file sharing sites you see online-are not legitimate. So, you will most likely be caught-tracing your illegal activity right back to the server from which you downloaded your videos-and sanctioned fees and possible jail time for piracy.

Quality Suffers

In a file sharing situation of an illegal site, quality of video is not regulated by the person uploading the file or any administrator on the site. Thus, anyone can upload anything, and so, it is therefore probably that the movies you download will be poor quality-thus, affecting your enjoyment of the film.

Piracy Raises the Price of Legal Downloads

Whether you have known or not that the movies you were downloading was from an illegal movie download site doesn’t matter. Once caught, you will be assumed guilty of piracy. The more people who knowingly or unknowingly involve themselves in movie piracy, the more the cost of legal downloads is driven up.
So, what is a bonafide movie lover to do, if they can’t afford the theater or expensive movie clubs, and want to avoid criminal punishment?

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You may well wonder what it is about us that is so inherently better that other movie download sites. There are-of course- hundreds of movie download sites to choose from. We are the only legal movie download site, for one. This means, you can download unlimited movies without worrying about jail or piracy fines.
Here are the other exclusive benefits you get with a membership:

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