Sunday, December 23, 2012

Going To The Movies Too Expensive? We Save You Money!

Let’s face it. A trip to the movies these days-while enjoyable-is just too expensive. After popcorn, the price of the ticket, and a box of candy; you’re out at least 20 bucks! In this economy, who can afford to spend $20 every time they want to watch a movie? Not many… But you don’t have to give up new release movies altogether!

The Solution
Technology has brought you another option: The ability to watch movies has surpassed the expense and inconvenience of the movie theater. It has even surpassed the need for special DVD equipment and expensive memberships to video rental companies. Today, we and other online movie rental sites offer you the capability and convenience to download movies onto your computer and watch them from the comfort of your own home. Just like that-access to videos from your computer.

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How We Set Ourself Above The Competition
So, while this is the latest in video technology- why are we any better than the competition? There are a number of glaring differences:


For less than two trips to the movies, you get access to a variety of full movies available for one year.

Length Of Availability
Once a movie is downloaded, you have lifetime access to that movie; as a part of your own digital movie collection.

Instant Access
There is no set up time to wait or expense to pay. As soon as you sign up, start downloading and watching!

Download/Watch Versatility
You don’t need a special device, and can download and watch on your computer, TV, and/or phone for watching convenience.

No Monthly Fees
Unlike competitors, we have a one time fee-and no monthly charges to worry about.

Extensive Video Collection
Great movies in many categories, from comedies to horror, to family adventures!

3 Convenient Membership Options
We offer memberships for every kind of movie lover-3 months, 1 year, and 5 year membership options-all unlimited, and priced according to your specific needs.

Download Movies To Your iPad or Your PC -> CLICK HERE!

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